The Next Generation AeroSpace Marketplace

Unmanned Procurement is a next-generation marketplace focused on transparency, value and control for both buyers and sellers.Unmanned Procurement is a fair marketplace that removes inefficiency and cost resulting in the best value for buyers/seller with improved margins and greater control over order profitability for both. Unmanned Procurement supports all purchases and sales in the Aerospace area, including but not limited to qualified materials and parts for the construction, MRO ( maintenance, repair, overhaul ) , RMU ( retrofit, modification, upgrade) and logistics support of civil / military aircraft and helicopters, as well as all services related to that activity.

For Italian Companies : Create your UP account today and take advantage of AIAD (the Italian Industries Federation for Aerospace, Defence and Security) membership .

AIAD will provide free membership for a period of 3 (three) months to Italian Companies who are pre-registered to Unmanned Procurement platform. If interested, please contact the POC who will provide you the details and information you need: Mrs. Seyhan Baysoy, AIAD (e-mail, Ph. +39 06 4880247)

Sell/Buy Unlike Ever Before

Unmanned Procurement is a powerful marketplace that gives Partners access to new customers and direct control of their profitability, like never before.

Better Margins

Attract more profitable orders by leveraging our dynamic pricing engine and entering custom rules.

New Customers

Take advantage of Unmanned Procurement’s audience of millions of loyal buyers/seller and build a direct relationship with the customers you acquire.

Fair Marketplace

The seller that provides the best value wins the order.

Simple Integration

Sell immediately. Setup is easy and leverages your existing capabilities.

Transparency & Safe Payments

Everything is track and non-erasable. Buyers pay once they place an order, and we hold payment until sellers deliver and buyers confirm the receipt of the goods, so sellers get paid for their work.

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Free to Join. Free to List !

Buyers , No memberships , No hidden fees. Sellers , No memberships, keep 90% of each transaction ! Bidding and Negotiation with us ! The best way to buy and sell today.Our platform is a brokerage that facilitates the matching between bid and ask of goods in the Aerospace, orders between Buyers who need to produce and emit the RFQ and Sellers, who will, through the platform, offer their best sales conditions with reference to the RFQ issued by the buyers themselves. The transaction takes place entirely between sellers and buyers ; there Is no middleman involved. Through ongoing negotiations bidding is managed entirely online thanks to the three buttons ACCEPT ORDER, REJECT ORDER,COUNTER ORDER. At Unmanned Procurement, we're committed to a safe and secure marketplace. We ensure all communications and payments with buyers and sellers are secure.

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